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The only known audio fourcc is 'apcm' for adpcm. SDL Motion jpeg Library, screenshots smjpeg-9999 abi_x86_32 abi_x86_64 abi_x86_x32 abi_mips_n32 abi_mips_n64 abi_mips_o32 abi_ppc_32 abi_ppc_64 abi_s390_32 abi_s390_64. Relative motion is stored in xrel and yrel and is relative to the last motion event. Effective Freecode is no longer being updated (content may be stale). Gentoo Portage Overlays by Ycarus zugaina. The only known video fourcc used is 'jfif' for jpeg. Remarks for details, uint32 state the state of the button; see. No stereo smjpeg samples have been encountered at the time of this writing. Website code from, mike Valstar and Ycarus. Tags, licenses, recent releases.

Gentoo Portage Overlays - media-libs/ smjpeg, sDL

Loki Software for porting computer games (and their full motion video) to Linux. Y coordinate, relative to window, sint32 xrel relative motion in the X direction. Data Fields, uint32 type the event type; SDL_mousemotion, uint32 timestamp timestamp of the event. SDL_MouseMotionEvent is a member of the, sDL_Event union and is used when an event of type SDL_mousemotion is reported.

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This is a demuxer for.

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loki developed, smjpeg in the course of porting. It is an animation format used by Software for porting computer games (and their full video) to Linux.

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