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The fourth tool, SQL Database Studio, works a little differently. Summary From the results, its obvious that RedGate and Apex do not care if databases are on the same SQL server, because the synchronization algorithm is not dependent on SQL Server. The tools installation is quite easier and can be useful for the developers. Advantages Advanced knowledge of SQL is not required. This is why even after the basic installation user may need to run the. At, sQL, server, magazine, were all about helping DBAs and developers do their jobs faster and more efficientlyespecially now, when theyre being expected to do more with less staff and funding.

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Table Pairing By default, tables are paired by name. SQL Database Studio provides a similar interface to the data compare method. The common requirement is to compare data between the testing and production database and import data from the production into the testing database. The synchronization key is a set of columns which uniquely identify a row in the source and target table. Data synchronization is the process of establishing data consistency between two or more databases, and the subsequent continuous updates to maintain said consistency. Moving data sets between different stages or environments.

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SQL server, dATA, tools or, sQL Server, data, tools help the user to design and deploy any type of content with complete ease. SQL Server database administrators (DBAs) and developers, as well as third-party.

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SQL Server product vendors, have created numerous free.

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