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There are several Dritz sizes and styles available, and choosing which ripper is the one for you really comes down to personal preference. You may appeal this initial ban by messaging the moderators and agreeing not to break the rules again. Image via, rehana Du Jour. A seam ripper is a small tool with one end the has a sharp hook. The sharp, curved edge of the tool will break through the clusters just as it does thread, freeing the strands so you can grab them easily and yank them free. As a matter of fact, most sewists and quilters have several.

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Note: Bans will not be reversed if the post/comment in question has been deleted from your history. Commonly posted tips click here for an index of common LPTs). These types of tips are not allowed and will be removed. Mistakes happen; this handy sewing tool lets you fix them. This entry was posted in quilting product info, sewing product info and tagged seam rippers. Use descriptive titles when posting! You can remove one stitch at a time, or multiple, depending upon how tight the stitches are. It's much easier than pulling hair out with your hands, or even using scissors.

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I have long hair, and it often gets stuck in the vacuum agitator (head).

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Instead of disassembling the agitator from the vacuum, simply turn it over and use a seam ripper (you can find this in the sewing section of any store) to cut all of the hair from the cylinder and pull the hair /string off. Ripping out seams and hems is easy with a seam ripper.

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