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This page uses Yahoo Finance and similar sources for option data. Ive created a, max, pain calculator in, excel that allows you to enter historical option interest data to back-test how well the theory works. . This suggests that the markets have turned extremely bullish, and therefore sort of overbought. If one can identify this price point, then its most likely that this is the point at which markets will expire. So, in a sense, this is still a very young theory. So at 15 days to expiry, the theory suggest 7800 as expiry, then Id add a 5 safety buffer. The numbers across the bottom represent the various strike prices of the stock options. Frankly these two modules are more than sufficient to answer most of your concerns/doubts related to options. Pain theory and talk to you about what I like and what I dont about. In the case of the market maker, the hedging is done to remain neutral in the stock. If option sellers tend to make maximum money, then it also means that the price of the option on expiry day should be driven to a point where it would cause least amount of loss to option writers. But shockingly the market would expire at some other point leaving me booking a loss and I wondering if I was wrong with my calculations or if the entire theory is flawed! Pain dates back to 2004. You can identify this by plotting the bar graph of the total value.

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I would avoid writing Put option for this simple belief panic spreads faster than greed. Step 3 Calculate how much money is lost by option writers (both call option and put option writers) assuming the market expires as per the assumption in step. Which means call option writers of 7700, 7800, and 7900 strikes will retain the premiums received. You may wonder why the PCR is used as a contrarian indicator. The Option Pain theory does just this identify the price at which the market is likely to expire considering least amount of pain is caused to option writers. So thats PCR for you. Rs.2,55,937,500/- So the combined loss for Options writers when market expires at 7800 would.4,38,277,500/- Scenario 3 Assume markets expires at 7900 At 7900, the following call option writers would lose money 7700 CE writer would. The content we have presented in both, Module 5 and Module 6, is written with an intention of giving you a clear picture on options trading what is possible to be achieve with options trading and what is not possible. What would really make sense is to historically plot the daily PCR values for say 1 or 2 years and identify these extreme values. As the maturity date approaches, the stock price changes. So you need to be clear about this, hence back testing helps. However, Ive used only 3 strikes in the example for simplicity. There are a number of online max option pain calculators: OptionPain, OptionCalc, MaxPain, Strike Pegger, etc. .

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The green vertical bar is the call option cash value.

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Option Max Pain Excel refers to the way of calculating option max pain in excel sheet. This process is very useful and trade friendly.

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