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The procedure, terms for executing and issuing documents required for the construction of new objects and for changing existing facilities are established by rules for construction arrangement and going through licensing procedures in the construction sector. The Yukon XL also offers a lot in the way of standard safety equipment, including a rear view camera and front/rear parking sensors which are appreciated for those who have to maneuver in tight spaces). Comprehensive external appraisal of construction projects (feasibility studies and design estimates) is carried out on the basis of contracts concluded by appraisals customers and expert organizations, including expenses in the cost of development of a project in question. Article 18 is in the wording of Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Duties of officials performing architectural and construction control and supervision are: 1) identification and analysis of the causes of violations of state standards and requirements (conditions, restrictions) committed by subjects of architectural, town planning and construction activities.

On Architectural, Town-planning and Construction

Operation of a constructed facility without an approved act of acceptance of the object into service is not allowed. The approval of the acceptance certificate is made by a customer. Licensing of works in the sphere of architectural, town planning and construction activity is carried out by local executive bodies implementing state architectural and construction control in regions, cities of republican significance, the capital. Construction projects also include projects of conservation of construction in progress and post-utilization of overaged facilities; an architectural project with an architectural idea - an independent project for erecting a structure (monument the design of which requires involvement. Designers supervision is carried out by developers of project (design and estimate) documentation at all construction sites, except for those specified in paragraph 6 of article 33 and paragraph 1 of article 74 of this Law. The bodies (services, civil servants) of architectural-building inspection and supervision, examinations of projects, standardization and certification of construction products, customers, builders, prospectors, projectors, fabricators (producers) and suppliers of products, used in construction, clerks of works, possessors (users, hirers, tenants). Article 26 as amended by Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Technical supervision is mandatory for all construction objects, except for those specified in paragraph 6 of article 33 and paragraph 1 of article 74 of this Law. 297 dated (shall be enforced from the date of its official publication. Article 64-5 as amended by Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan 366-V dated (shall go into effect ten calendar days after the day of its first official publication). Regime and procedure of the use of territories of inhabited localities shall be determined in accordance with zoning, established by approved town-planning documentation. Article 73 as amended by Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan 269-V dated (shall go into effect on as amended by Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan 487-V dated (shall go into effect on the day of signing. Experts are independent from the subjects of architecture, town-planning and construction activity in their activity. If it is necessary to simplify the development of design documents for the construction (reconstruction, re-planning, re-equipment) of technically non-complex objects, an architectural project may be executed in the form of a rough sketch (sketch design) in accordance with the architectural and planning assignment Footnote.

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