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The bottom line is that  *509  the courts of one country will not enforce  *602  the laws adopted by another country in the exercise of its sovereign capacity for the purpose of fiscal regulation and management. An order of attachment was granted at Special Term against the property of defendants John Doe. Cooper for Martin. (12 NY 2d 371, 377, cert den 376.S. On the contrary, from all that appears, defendants obtained no more United States dollars in consequence of their alleged fraud than they would have been entitled to receive at the then currently effective exchange rate for the Brazilian cruzeiros which they exchanged with plaintiff bank. Disposition: Order modified, without costs, and case remitted to Supreme Court, New York County, for further proceedings in accordance with the opinion herein and, as so modified, affirmed. ( Loucks v Standard Oil., supra, pp 102-103;. Decorrido o prazo de trinta (30) dias, contados a partir. Co., 239 NY 248, 257.) Under the principle of territorial supremacy, fundamental to the community of nations, courts refuse to enforce any claim which in their view is a manifestation of a foreign States sovereign authority (Dicey.

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Loucks v Standard Oil., 224 NY 99, 102-103 Cardozo,.) even as it might seem inapposite in the Banco do Brasil situation where the sovereign itself, or its instrumentality, asks redress and damages in a foreign forum for violation of the sovereigns currency laws. Motions for ancillary relief for discovery and inspection and for disclosure from the attorney for defendant John Doe. Although our earlier decisions in Perutz v Bohemian Discount Bank in Liquidation (304 NY 533 and Industrial Export Import Corp. Huntington v Attrill, supra, pp 673, 681-682). Accordingly, I believe the order of the Appellate Division should be affirmed. 601  It has long been recognized that the courts of one jurisdiction will not enforce the tax laws, penal laws, or statutory penalties and forfeitures of another jurisdiction. The defendant John Doe. Thus, in Banco do Brasil v Israel Commodity. Other of such travelers checks were deposited by defendant John Doe. Réu Itau Unibanco.A. Editar Foto, alterar Imagem, adicione uma descrio a este tópico. Frances e, brasileiro operates as a multiple bank and is involved in ex- change and foreign trade operations. 2 held by Bankers Trust and Manfra Tordella Brookes, Inc. Co., 29 NY2d 356; Barry v American Home Assur.

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Banco do Brasil case relied upon by the Appellate Division is quite distinguishable.

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