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In this section, we look at what SLA applies to each database hosting option. You can deploy to a, azure SQL Database Managed Instances. When using Azure SQL Database: Highly minimized administration costs Limited development costs for migrated applications SQL Database service costs No hardware purchasing costs When using SQL Server on Azure VMs: Higher administration costs Limited to no development costs for migrated applications. Resources: You do not want to employ IT resources for configuration and management of the underlying infrastructure but want to focus on the application layer. One common request often seen in T-SQL is working with queues of information. When designing an application, four basic options are available for hosting the SQL Server part of the application: SQL Server on non-virtualized physical machines. In addition, you can control the size of the VM, the number of disks, and their storage configurations. Elastic pools also support SaaS multi-tenant application architectures with features including tenant isolation and the ability to scale to reduce costs by sharing resources across databases. Machine Learning Services (In-Database) integrates R and Python with SQL Server, making it easy to build, retrain, and score models by calling stored procedures.

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With Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, Azure SQL Database offers shared resources for databases and additional instance-scoped features. Learn more, sQL Server 2017 on Linux, for a limited time, take up to 30 percent off the traditional subscription price and get enterprise features for your Linux workloads. It is also a good fit when you want to migrate existing on-premises applications and databases to Azure as-is - in cases where Azure SQL Database Managed Instance is not a good fit. You can also create elastic pools to share resources among database instances to reduce costs and accommodate usage spikes.

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Chances are, you are reading my article because you want to learn how. Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer.

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