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# Online facility of deposit is yet to takes place. There is no such hard rule that you must complete another 3 years to close. Nomination facility in Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD). Yes, if you have Internet banking user name and password, and at least one transaction account mapped to the username. Tax Benefits of Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD). Hence, while opening the account, you have to track what is the rate of interest for that particular quarter. RD a/c created through any other means can not closed through "Close a/c" tab under e-RD. After that let us say you opened the account between 1st to 15th date of the month, then subsequent deposits must be within 1st to 15th of a month. What are the charges for RD pre-mature closure? However, you will not receive the RD interest rate for such premature closure accounts. There are no tax benefits available by investing in Post Office. Can I transfer the maturity money to any of my accounts? But the minimum such advance deposits are 6 monthly installments. Hence, no point in investing for your 5 years goal as a debt instrument.

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 If the depositor fails to deposit next monthly deposit within this time prescribed, a default fee at the rate of 5 paise for every.5 per defaulted deposits will also be paid along with a regular monthly deposit. A guardian on behalf of a minor or a person of unsound mind. Here you have two options to extend and I explained the both as below. You are allowed to close the Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD) at any point of time after 3 years of completion. # If defaults are more than 4 months. # If defaults are not more than 4 months -If your default is not more than 4 months (7 months for  personnel of Defence Services (excluding Civilian Defense Employees then you can extend the maturity date to equal numbers of such defaults. A single depositor may have more than one account in his name or jointly with another individual.

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