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There is a groove down one side of the needle, generally opposite the flat side of the shankthis groove must be facing the direction from which the needle is threaded when installing the needle (the thread rides. It also explains what all channels the thread should pass through. The presser foot on your sewing machine is a small metal attachment under the needle clamp screw. Look for lines on your sewing machine indicating seam allowance. A bobbin thread and a wound thread Nope! This will release the needle. Do not sew over the pins holding your fabric, it weakens the seam and can break the needle. Sewing, machine 1, find the power switch. Your stitch adjustment buttons will allow you to pick what kind of stitch you want, including length, direction, and more.

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If you feel like the fabric is not moving fast enough, press the foot pedal harder, adjust the stitch length, or (if you must) buy a faster machine. 12 Find the feed dog. To do this, take the thread and pull it through the thread guide at the top, and then down and around the takeup lever. You need to pick a new stitch adjustment. Question What do I do if the needle will not move up and down on my machine? Also note the direction of the print if your fabric has one, and arrange it so it will be "right side up" such as with a floral or animal print or so that stripes or other patterns run a certain direction.

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Learn the different types of fasteners you could sew on to your clothes and how to sew hooks and zippers on to your clothes or even a cute little frog closure ; Different types of Buttonholes.

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Sewing Tutorial : How to, use a Seam Ripper Mistakes happen; this handy sewing tool lets you fix them. If you make a mistake, change your sewing project, or simply want to deconstruct something, you need a seam ripper.

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